BBN, June 23, 2023 - ENGINEERED FAMINE: Weather weapons causing CROP FAILURES across Midwest

Brighteon Broadcast News, June 23, 2023 - ENGINEERED FAMINE: Weather weapons causing CROP FAILURES across Midwest

0:00 Titan Submarine
16:00 Monero (Crypto) Tipping System
25:20 Decentralized TV Show
47:50 Weather Weapons
58:40 Interview with Steve Quayle

  • Ocean Gate submarine found at bottom of Atlantic… ALL DEAD
  • Submarine was a DEATH TRAP, and passengers agreed to a SUICIDE mission
  • Virtue signaling Coast Guard tries to paint dead tourists as heroic explorers
  • US Navy knew the sub had imploded on Sunday… media ran FAKE NEWS for days
  • All to distract from Biden crime family IRS whistleblowers and bribery kickback stories
  • Major announcement from Monero activated as platform-wide crypto tipping system
  • More cryptocurrencies to be integrated into Brighteon and online stores
  • We are building the infrastructure of human freedom (parallel economy / decentralization)
  • More weather weapons striking the Midwest, obliterating corn, soy and other crops
  • Full interview with Steve Quayle on weather weaponization and demonic INFESTATION of humanity

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