BBN, July 17, 2023 - TEN things that will happen when the USA launches a GROUND WAR against Russia

Brighteon Broadcast News, July 17, 2023 - TEN things that will happen when the USA launches a GROUND WAR against Russia

0:00 Intro
3:51 Depopulation
7:23 Child Sex Trafficking
10:03 WWIII
48:11 Interview with Paul Hutchinson

  • Kamala Harris openly calls for “population reduction” in scripted speech
  • Says that depopulation is necessary for “clean air” and “clean water”
  • Sound of Freedom film hits $83 million in revenue (and growing)
  • Biden and the West are calling up military reserves to prepare for GROUND WAR with #Russia
  • Some US Army units are receiving official notices to prepare to deploy
  • Biden needs World War III to cancel the 2024 election and declare a military dictatorship
  • Prepare for government to seize production, factories, food, refineries and more
  • World war will result in criminalizing all speech that opposes the Biden regime
  • Food #rationing will begin, and the government will determine what you are allowed to buy
  • Banks will freeze accounts or sharply limit withdrawals
  • Smart people are preparing now, in advance of the world war PANIC to buy supplies
  • Full interview with Sound of Freedom executive producer Paul Hutchinson

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